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Leading in home business development, designing and manufacturing a variety of spinning wheels and egg incubators

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    MehrFanavaranTabesh Home Spinning wheel

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Procurement of the raw materials is the first step for weaving a Persian carpet. Therefore, before there can be Persian rug or kilim, there needs to be thread, and the yarn must undergo the dyeing process.

The threads needed for embellishment of rugs must also be in suitable colour. Therefore, the wool cut from sheep must be cleaned and spun. At the most basic level, wool spinning is done for nomadic carpets using rock, a stick, and spindle, and the advanced level, it is done for urban carpets using manual or automatic spinning wheels. The spun thread rolled into a ball by hand. In its basic form, this is done by tying the thread around a small rock and then spinning it around one's head. As a result, the weaving warn is slowly spun. Many nomadic tribes still use this method. One of the structural factors often addressed in technical analysis of carpets is the direction in which the wool fibresare spun. If the yarn is spun counterclockwise, it is called a R rotation, that is, the thread is spun through rotation to the right. A S rotation means that the thread is spun through rotation to the left and clockwise. The thread is usually twisted in the opposite direction in which it is spun when it is turned into a hank.

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MehrFanavaranTabesh began its activity in 1997 in the garage of a residential building and launched its official operation in 2014 through a production and operating licencefrom the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

The company consist of departments of research, production, marketing, sales, and warehouse.

Ms.RoyaChehrei is the CEO and Mr. MehranZeiqami the production manager of the company.

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Science and Technology Park 5, After the U-turn, Mahi Dasht Road, K 3 of Kermanshah.