Sponsored and Supervised by Kermanshah Province Science and Technology Park (ACECR)

Leading in home business development, designing and manufacturing a variety of spinning wheels and egg incubators


"HANA" advanced digital household spinning wheel for exporting wool and fibers

1- production 4 to 8 times higher than the traditional method

2- similarity of yarn sample with production with traditional yarn sample

3- low noise

4- convenience of training 

5- ease of work

6- low power consumption (70 watts)

7- ability to work by people of different ages

8- low depreciation  of the device

9- low price

10- digital speed control capability

11- ability to adjust the amount of yarn twist

12- ability to spin a variety of fibers such as fleece,goat hair,camel wool,silk,and other fibers

13- easy to place because of it is lightness(7 kg)

14- The device comes with a 6-month warranty

15- has a wooden body

16- has a cooling system